Hello everyone! 

I am Miku, a fifth-year student in the Faculty of Medicine at FMU. I recently became a member of Team Wada intern students. I’m looking forward to working with all of you. Today, I’m going to talk about what I learned in Clinical Dojo Advanced July 2023. It is an interactive lecture about clinical reasoning by Dr.Nogi, a Hospitalist at Queens Medical Center in Hawaii. This is the third time that I had participated in this lecture. I am always more motivated to develop my medical English skills every time I take part in.


The case for this time…


73yo Japanese American male with 6-weeks of fever, night sweats, and intermittent daytime somnolence. 


At first, I was so focused on the information- 73 years old, Japanese American, prolonged fever, sweating at night that I suspected tuberculosis, lymphoma, and other infection diseases. However, in this case, we must not miss that he has “intermittent daytime somnolence”. Of course, other information is also important in considering differential diagnosis, but if there is something that seems abnormal in one system, we must dig in deep about that system. In this case, it is a Neuro system. 


 To be honest, I am not familiar with neurological examination even in Japanese…. Dr.Nogi taught us how we should assess one’s Neuro system so well that even I could understand that. Also, Dr.Nogi taught us how important neurological assessments are through this lecture .


I had a great experience and learned a lot in this lecture. In this session, I completely lacked the ability to speak English about physical examinations. I also struggle with this topic in Japanese, so I will study to be able to conduct systematic physical examinations next time. 


Thank you for reading this article. If anyone is interested in this lecture, please don’t hesitate to join us! See you next time!

Best regards,