ALOHA! みなさんこんにちは。Team WADAでインターンとしてお世話になっている山口大学医学部医学科4年のKANAです。突然ですが、私がTeam WADAでインターンをしていて最も素晴らしいなと思うところは、互いの夢を尊重しながら成長しあえる仲間がつくれるということです。

今回の企画もそんな素晴らしい仲間である、Yuri NakagawaとShunya Hisanumaが主催となり、ハワイ大学1年生と連携をしながらPBLを用いてある症例をみんなで話し合う場を実現してくれました!




ハワイ大学からは、Amanda, Collin, Briannaが参加

TeamWadaからは、主催者に加えて、Mirai, Yuuki, Sadahiroが参加してくれました。










次回の勉強会ではハワイ大学1年生のAmandaによるPBL Sessionです。



そしてTeam WADAでは、インターンの第二期を募集しています!








ALOHA!Hello everyone, my name is KANA and I am a fourth year medical student at Yamaguchi University School of Medicine.

One of the most wonderful things about being an intern at Team WADA is that I am able to make friends who respect each other’s dreams and grow together.

This time, Yuri Nakagawa and Shunya Hisanuma, who are also great friends of mine, organized a PBL session with first-year students at the University of Hawaii


Here is a brief description of the day’s session. I hope you will enjoy it!

First, all the participants introduced themselves.

From the University of Hawaii, Amanda, Collin, and Brianna participated.

From TeamWada, Mirai, Yuuki, and Sadahiro participated in addition to the organizers.


The day began with a cheerful opening by Mirai.

There were members who actively promoted PBL, and the members who livened things up during the break time. Each member played an active role to make things happen.


PBL is a method in which everyone faithfully gives the facts seen in a case, and from there, we discuss what kind of hypothesis can be made, and finally arrives at a diagnosis.

It was a good experience for me personally, to discuss the way of thinking leading up to the diagnosis, rather than just focusing on giving the name of the disease.


The next study session will be a PBL Session held by Amanda, a first year student at the University of Hawaii. It will be a great opportunity to review your medical knowledge and communication in English, so why not join us?


And Team WADA is looking for interns for the second term!

We are sincerely looking forward to meeting a lot of great people.


So, until that day, MAHALO!