Hello, this is Kota Tokunaga, a 4th-year intern student here. I had a chance to practice for OET English interview test with Ns, Rossi. I’m honored to report to you the experience I had with Ns, Rossi. 

The setting was this. (Orthopaedics department)

You have received a 42 years old male who has been recently experiencing lower back pain with pins and needles on his toe finger and numbness during walking. He had been taking codeine for a week but this has not reduced the pain. He works as a builder and is worried about his job because he feels his condition is getting worse. 


Task: Start consultation and give him treatment and investigation plan. 


I have not received any clinical practice, even in Japanese so far. Thus I gathered all information from Google and took the clinical trial for the first time in my life. 


Throughout the interview, I almost ignore the worry that patients have. To make matters worse, I make a wrong diagnosis and give a prescription depending on my wrong diagnosis. 


In this course, I learned

1. The most important thing is to make a good relationship with my patient, not to give them appropriate treatments. 
2. Listening is of super importance since it is directly related to building trust. 
3. I must try my best to make as a natural conversation as possible and talk friendly to avoid being considered a scary person. 
4. Getting used to the natural speed of English conversation is also essential.


Only when I practice with Ns. Rossi, did I realize how poor my current clinical practice was. I recognized that I had to practice a lot.


This practice is held at 8:00 pm (in JST) on Saturday. This is a rare opportunity for you to practice English interviews and receive practical feedback from people working as medical staff in English-speaking counties. If you are interested in this practice, we are welcome for you to join us!!