Hello! I am Tom, a 6th-year intern at TeamWADA. Recently, I had an opportunity to practice a job interview in English with Nurse Rossi, and I would like to share the experience with all of you.

The interview consisted of 5 parts; 1) general questions, 2) questions regarding safety, 3) kindness, 4) teamwork, and 5) self-improving attitude. Following the interview, Nurse Rossi gave me a lot of advice regarding my answers.

It was an exciting experience, as all the questions were in-depth, and required a thorough understanding of oneself. To give you an example, if an interviewer asks you to talk about your strength, you have to provide a specific example related to the job. What makes it even more difficult is the balance between expressing yourself confidently and remaining humble. Boasting too much makes you a bossy, unlikeable character, yet not being confident enough presents you as a weak candidate. 

Not only was this practice interview a great exercise for my future job interview, but it also helped me to reflect on myself. 

If you are interested in such a chance to practice job interviews in English, please feel free to join TeamWADA. We are welcoming any students with motivation. 

See you next time!